Puck Dumps 3/29/14

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The Maple Leafs lsot their 7th straight game last night to the Flyers. I mean, it was there 7th loss in a row, they weren't all against the Flyers. Yahoo, TSN, CBC The Local Take #1, The Local Tale #2



Pittsburgh 2, Columbus 1 - The Penguins, with this victory, clinched a spot in the playoffs. Super. 

Philadelphia 4, Toronto 2 - Maybe the Leafs can get a shootout win to break the streak, because that's legitimate.

Ottawa 5, Chicago 3 - Well that's unusual.

Dallas 7, Nashville 3 - This is a good old fashioned dump trucking.

Calgary 4, New York Rangers 3 - Funny, you don't see the Rangers in the headlines as much when they are losing in Alberta.

Edmonton 4, Anaheim 3 (OT) - It seems like Edmonton has Anaheim's number, doesn't it?


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Today? Discipline. Every other day? Casual disregard for life and limb no comments

Puck Dumps 3/28/14

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The Top Line

The Bruins dumped the Blackhawks in a Cup rematch. Tuukka Rask shut down Chicago. NBC, Sports Illustrated, NHL.com The Local Take #1 , The Local Take #2



Boston 3, Chicago 0 - NBC doesn't list a third star for this game. Just Bergeron with two goals, Tuukka Rask with the shut out and then nothing. Your third star, I have decided, is Kevin Schultz.

Montreal 5, Detroit 4 - 5 goals were scored in the final period, which certainly made for an interesting conclusion.

Los Angeles 3, Pittsburgh 2 - The Penguins Instagrammed a referee complaint this morning, but have promptly taken it down. At least there is a little self awareness.

Phoenix 3, New Jersey 2 (SO) - Newark is the Phoenix Coyotes of New Jersey. ASAS

Carolina 3, Florida 0 - Roberto Luongo had 0 goals.

Tampa Bay 3, New York Islanders 2 (SO) - Just like when he was with the Rangers, Ryan Callahan got up for a game against a rival, perhaps not realizing that the Isles and Lightning aren't really rivals. ASAS

St. Louis 5, Minnesota 1 - The Wild are in postseason form.

Nashville 6, Buffalo 1 - The Sabres are in offseason form.

Colorado 3, Vancouver 2 (OT) - The Canucks are feisty against their old conference.

Winnipeg 4, San Jose 3 - Blake Wheeler had 3 points for the Jets. 


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If you don't click through to the image, just know that the image is a blurry, unidentified Flyer in the foreground. Photagraphy!

Middle America continues to embarrass players on splash pages

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Reached for comment, Nathan Horton had this to say:


More on this as it develops.

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Puck Dumps 3/27/14

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The Top Line

Let's chat about a couple things. First, there is are the Philadelphia Flyers, who are beginning to slip, ESPN, NBC, Yahoo, The Local Take #1

In other other, more Canadian news, Bobby Ryan has a sports hernia, and he will be out for the rest of the season. This will really hurt Ottawa's playoff chances. TSN, CBC, NHL.com, The Local Take #2



Vancouver 5, Minnesota 2 - Sure, the Canucks have been garbage all year, until it's time to play the Wild.

New York Rangers 3, Philadelphia 1 - Henrik Lundqvist seems to be playing pretty well lately.

Anaheim 3, Calgary 2 - Each goaltender had over 30 saves, but Jonas Hiller had one more. No, this isn't a score line reference, he literally had one more save than Karri Ramo. They faced the same number of shots. This one is on you, Ramo.


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They recall him with fondness, too. He was such a bright, chipper young lad. no comments

Puck Dumps 3/26/14

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No word on when today, but the new roll out is coming, I have been told. Stay tuned!

The Top Line

The Maple Leafs suck!  Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, TSN, CBC, The Local Take



New York Islanders 5, Carolina 4 - In an offseason preview, the Islanders scored 4 first period goals to knock off the Hurricanes in Raleigh.

Phoenix 3, Pittsburgh 2 - God, Pittsburgh, Phoenix doesn't even have a goalie right now.

St. Louis 5, Toronto 3 - What was Toronto supposed to do? They were facing STEEN.

Los Angeles 5, Washington 4 (SO) - Alexander Ovechkin also destroyed a teammate, Jack Hillen, in overtime with an accidental open ice shot. Oops. ASAS

Columbus 4, Detroit 2 - Columbus had done a great job trading away everyone I have ever heard of and somehow improving.

Florida 3, Ottawa 2 (SO) - I like that CBC still awards the "Game Winning Goal" to someone. Congrats for being selected to shoot in the shootout where you did, Brandon Pirri. ASAS

Montreal 2, Buffalo 0 - This was just as big a win for the Canadiens as their win over the Bruins the night before.

Chicago 4, Dallas 2 - Oh come on, Chicago, Dallas was trying for a playoff spot! Spoilsports.

Colorado 5 Nashville 4 (SO) - Last night was a particularly stupid night in hockey. ASAS.

San Jose 5, Edmonton 2 - Oh, hey, Martin Havlat did some stuff.


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I would make fun, but it's a humanitarian award! Good on Mikael Backlund

Puck Dumps 3/25/14

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Tomorrow is moving day! Check us out tomorrow afternoon to see if you notice any changes.

The Top Line

It took a bunch of French speaking Canadians to slow down the Boston Bruins. ESPN, NBC, CBC, NHL.com, The Local Take # 1, The Local Take #2



New York Rangers 4, Phoenix 3 (OT) - The Coyotes have a tough late schedule, and now an injured goaltender to deal with the rest of the way. 

Los Angeles 3, Philadelphia 2 - Vinny Lecavalier hit every available piece of iron, the puck stayed out, and the Flyers lost by 1. Painful.

Montreal 2, Boston 1 (SO) - Oh, the Bruins streak ended on a shootout? That barely counts. ASAS.

Ottawa 4, Tampa Bay 3 (SO) - Erik Karlsson had three points. He's pretty good. ASAS.

Dallas 2, Winnipeg 1 - Holy hell, Ray Whitney still plays?

Calgary 2, San Jose 1 (SO) - Boy, hockey was especially dumb last night, wasn't it?


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Ouch. Just a painful game all the way around for the Coyotes. My apologies to 'Yotes fans everywhere.

The Florida Panthers have a 20th Anniversary team

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It sounds like the Florida Panthers are pretty proud of themselves for lasting as long as they have without moving to Canada. In your face Atlanta Thrashers and Flames! In that respect, they have set out to name every single captain in their history to their 20th Anniversary team. Who made the team? Let's see what the fans of the Florida Panthers decided in the making of this team. Who made it, Miami?

- Pavel Bure - One of the all time leading scorers in the NHL was perhaps the most well known Panther of all time.

- Wayne Gretzky - Great job on getting the sport right, Florida, but Wayne Gretzky never played for the Panthers.

- James Vanderbeek - I am going to assume they meant John Vanbiesbruck and give them half credit

- Don Shula - While Shula was a Miami area sports legend, he had no affiliation with the NHL or the Panthers.

- Luis Mendoza - Fictional character, actually, but at least he is from Miami and starred in a hockey movie. You're getting better, Miami.

- Tony Montana - Nope, not even close. 


I look forward to the unveiling.

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Puck Dumps 3/24/14

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Good morning. Let's start the week off right with a fresh Dump.

The Top Line

Everyone is starting the week with a fresh take on something completely different from everyone else. No links to more reading for y'all!



New York Islanders 2, Columbus 0 - Normally, this is not a game that would receive much interest, and this is one of those times that is normal.

St. Louis 1, Pittsburgh 0 - A third period goal gave the Blues the win in what some are calling a finals preview, even though the Blues will lose before they get there.

New Jersey 3, Toronto 2 - The Maple Leafs tried to fight back with a goal in the third, but the mediocre Devils were too much.

Nashville 2, Chicago  - The Blackhawks are terrible.

Minnesota 4, Detroit 3 (OT) - The road team won each game of this home and home weekend set. 

Vancouver 4, Buffalo 2 - This is the saddest game of the night. Just a lot of sadness.

Anaheim 6, Florida 2 - It makes me feel better that the Ducks are back to destroying inferior competition.


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The names "Travis" and "Dale" don't translate from French to English.

Puck Dumps 3/23/14

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I heard that the playoffs start in just 23 days. Big, if true.

The Top Line

Everyone covered something else, from a mix of games played last night to games on the docket for today. There was no top story for today, so let's see everything in the Scoreboard.



Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 1 - The Blues are definitely just coasting into the playoffs at this point. Actually, truth be told, Ryan Miller sucked, and the Flyers took advantage.

Pittsburgh 4, Tampa Bay 3 (OT) - On the plus side, Ondrej Palat's goal was so good, it scored a top spot on The Sporting News.

Detroit 3, Minnesota 2 - I heard Gustav Nyquist declared the hottest goal scorer in the league many times.

Dallas 3, Ottawa 1 - Erik Karlsson has 19 goals for the Sens, which shows that they are doing offense wrong.

Los Angeles Kings 4, Florida 0 - Bobby Lu actually had 10 more saves than Ryan Miller on this evening. Reconsidering your move yet, St. Louis (no, they are not)

Carolina 3, Winnipeg 2 - There were 2 goals from Staals, but who can tell them apart?

Montreal 4, Toronto 3 - 5 total goals were scored in the first period, and then everything else had to waint until the end. Way to draw us in, Montreal and Toronto.

New York Rangers 2, New Jersey 0 - Henrik Lundqvist had career save #50.

Boston 4, Phoenix 2- Now the Bruins are just showing off.

Calgary 8, Edmonton 1- The Oilers fans turned to open revolt by the end of the game. Oilers jersey were removed and hurled onto the ice.

Washington 3, San Jose 2 - This was the first time in 12 trips to San Jose that the Caps came away victorious. 


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I would make a joke, but the three game swing through California is tough. Getting 5 points isn't bad.

Turns out, the new playoff system is kind of dumb.

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Specifically, the Wild Card system is pretty dumb. I didn't have a problem with a bracketed playoff, with teams from individual divisions playing in a more regional playoff, with the champions of each division in the playoff semifinals. That's fine with me. It makes sense. You may like a bigger playoff to find the so called "Best Two Teams" but I like the idea of two champions competing for the championship.

Admittedly, it was a little weird that with the Wild Card, two additional teams from the either conference could get thrown into the playoffs to, meaning at least one team would have to play in a different division's region, so to speak. I was still OK with this, though, because I figure it would quiet the people who alleged that the best teams weren't involved (even though, you know, the teams would be, at best, 3rd and 4th in their own division). 

But then Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette tweeted out something to represent what hte playoff picture would be if the season ended today.


Immediately, I looked for the Minnesota Wild, because this is a blog and not a newspaper, and I am a fan of the Minnesota Wild, and if you'll note, they would be playing the San Jose Sharks, and The Coyotes would be pitted against St. Louis. Obviously, the side of Mr. Stubbs' tweet has the rules for the playoff seeding, but I didn't realize this was the way it worked until now, for some reason. It's annoying that this purported divisional or regional playoff is being thrrown out the window for the sake of the worst teams that get in.

The real issue, I think, is that the team that would be punished the most (after the Wild and Coyotes) is the San Jose Sharks, who would have to do significantly more travelling in the first round of the playoffs, simply because they won the division. If were instead to draw the Coyotes, it's significantly less travel time. It would be even tougher on the Sharks in the second round in this particular scenario, because they would have been running back and forth through 2 time zones, while their next opponent barely had to leave their zip code.

This isn't as big an issue in the Eastern Conference, obviously, even though at this stage, they would also do the wild card division swap at playoff time, but under the current format, for what the NHL is trying to foment with this plan (i.e. rivalries and regional interest), the Wild Card plan is patently unfair. Just let the top 4 teams in. Expand if you need to and get it right.

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